Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Football Thoughts

Bears open against the Lions. The Bears have been up and down in pre-season. I am not worried about it because they were installing Martz's fairly complicated offense and they had a lot of guys to evaluate on D. I expect the Bears to trounce the Lions 33-17. If the Bears really have made improvements this year they will easily win this game. They cannot lose at home on opening day against the lowly Lions.

I do think the Lions will will 5 games this year, but not against the Bears.

My prediction for the Bears this year is for them to go 10-6 and make the playoffs. If they make the playoffs I'll predict how they will do in postseason.

I am also looking forward to the UVA game this weekend. They head out west to play at USC. I don't expect a victory (although I would love to see the smirk wiped from Lane Kiffin's face), but I do expect them to stay competitive. The game is a late start - 10:30 pm on Saturday night. It should be good.

Morgan State University plays the Terps this weekend. Morgan has a very good defense, but struggles mightily to mount any type of offense. I'd love to see them win that game but I expect a Terps blowout.


j, k, and s's d said...

Bears have been up and down in pre-season? I would say they have been mostly down. They look terrible. They have no line. Kreutz is old. Williams doesn't look like a first round pick. Amaleye (or however you spell it) sucks.

Cutler and the WRs can't get the Martz offense timing down.

Their defense is aging and safeties suck.

The Bears will struggle and lose to the improving Lions. Suh and Vanden Bosch will have big games and sack Cutler at least 4 times and hurry him into a couple of INTs.

The biggest problem is that the Bears don't scare anyone now. That defense a couple of years ago was intimidating but they are pretty pedestrian now.

The crowd is already ready to boo these guys so if they get down early and/or if Cutler throws a bad INT, the boo birds will be out in droves. They will be calling for Lovie's and Angelo's and Cutler's heads.

Bears lose 20-10.

I think UVA will actually hang in there a little bit against USC. I expect USC to win but I agree that I would love to see the smirk wiped from Kiffin's face.

Terps crush Morgan St.

Rob said...

Have you watched them? If not, then you don't know what you are saying.

The Bears scored more than 80 points against the Lions and Cutler didn't throw any INTs against them last year. It is not like he doesn't know how to play and will all of a sudden suck.

The Bears haven't scared anyone for 2 years. That is what they need to get back to and their improvements on the D (Peppers, Urlacher back, Chris Harris and Major Wright at safety) will change the D.

I think the Bears will surprise a lot of people - let's see.

Anonymous said...

Being as unbiased as I can be, which isn't completely unbiased, I predict 8-8 or 9-7 for the Bears. I hope Rob's right, but I haven't seen anything in the preseason to make me think they've fixed their shortcomings. The O-line looks average at best. I'd like to believe that the D will be a lot better with Ur back, but they haven't been that great with him the past couple of years.


Rob said...

The Bears have played .500 ball the last three years. I think their line is going to be better and I think their D will be better. If that is true, they will be better than .500.