Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dan Snyder Should (but Won't) Sell the Deadskins

The dude has really lost it. He is suing City Paper for an opinion piece that appeared in the paper last November that he says constitutes defamation and libel. I'm sure very few people even read the original piece, but now it is probably the most read article City Paper has ever published.

Frankly, he's just plain wrong on the merits and I'm sure he knows it. He threatened a lawsuit if City Paper didn't apologize and retract the story. The reporting is sound and is fully protected under Freedom of the Press rulings in the past. His real goal was to force the paper into long litigation that would bankrupt the paper. Basically it was him being a selfish, childish, overly-sensitive bully.

Now the city is even more against him. He is getting hammered in the press and in local sports bars worse than ever. The Post runs stories and opinion pieces every day. Brett Haber gave his take and I think it is pretty telling. If Brett Haber is going after Snyder then it is clear that Snyder made a mistake.

As long as Snyder owns the Deadskins they will never win. Just too much bad karma around the dude. Deadskin fans have suffered through years of Snyder already and given his age they can look forward to decades of his nonsense.

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