Friday, September 30, 2011

Bears - Carolina

I am going to keep this simple. The Bears will get back to running the ball and will overwhelm Cam Newton with their D. I expect Peppers to get 2 sacks and the Bears D to force at least 3 turnovers. Cutler will only throw 24 times and the Bears will rack up 160 yards rushing en route to a 27-10 victory at Soldier Field.


deepie said...

If the Bears run the ball, they'll win handily. Forte is their best offensive weapon. It's a shame Martz doesn't value him as much as he should.

I think you'll see Martz start with a focus on the run, but revert back to his passing ways somewhere along the way. The team lacks identity on offense due to Martz's playcalling. If he gives it up too early, this game will be a lot closer than you'd like. Regardless, the D should be able to contain the Panthers and their extremely talented young QB. Bears win 27-13.

Rob said...

It is on Martz and I expect Lovie to stress the importance of running. We'll see.