Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bears Fans vs. Deadskin Fans

I will say this - most Deadskin fans are optimists about their team. On talk radio and on postings to stories in the Post online you a lot of fans who think their team is going to roll or play very well.

Bears fans are largely the opposite. You see a lot of criticism of the owners, GM, coaches, players, hot dog vendors, etc.

This is not to say all Deadskin fans think their team is making the playoffs, and all Bear fans think their team will suck, just that the contrast is interesting to note.

In both cases, and probably in most cities, fans are pretty delusional and uninformed. I'd say most have never even played organized football, and do not understand all that has to happen to succeed (e.g., talent, coaching, schemes, execution, no injuries, luck).

The two things that I find most annoying among many Bears' fans is the idea that the Bears are cheap, and the criticism of Lovie Smith as a head coach. In an era of hard salary caps for all teams, the only cheap teams are the ones that do not use up their cap. The Bears do. As for Lovie - he is a players' coach that has gone to the Super Bowl and just got to the NFC title game. There are plenty of teams that never even get a sniff of that type of success.

Fans can do what they want, but it would be nice if the ignorance level of many fans was not so high. At least then I could respect some of the criticisms.


j, k, and s's d said...

There is no question a large percentage of football fans are ignorant.

However, I would disagree that there is a big difference in football fans from one city to the next.

Fans are very fair weather. When a team wins, everything is great. When they lose, the sky is falling.

Such is the case now. The Skins have looked good in preseason and most fans think that should guarantee success in the regular season so that is why many of the comments are positive.

Conversely, the Pears have not had as much success and there are distractions with Briggs and Forte's contract. Thus, it will bring out the negativity.

Trust me, if the Pears win their first game, everyone is going to be fine.

Rob said...

The Bears are coming off an NFC North title and NFC Championship game season.

I can assure you that when the Bears win there will still be a bunch of yahoos saying they didn't win pretty enough or big enough or whatever.

j, k, and s's d said...

Winning cures all.

You say the Skins fans are all on board and positive on the Skins. These are the same guys that will rip the starting QB and the Shannys when things go bad. These are the same guys that called for CP's head but if Hightower starts fumbling will want CP back.

It's the nature of football fans. Again, winning cures everything.

deepie said...

I don't know what the general sentiment of Pears fans is, but here's what I think. The Pears are coming off of a very good season. When the organization doesn't do what the fans believe is necessary to take the next step, people are going to get angry, or at least pessimistic. I don't think the Pears did much to help themselves this offseason. Their draft was pretty much considered to be sub-par. The O-line hasn't necessarily been improved. Top it off with a general perception that the FO is toying with some players with contract issues.

I think the Bears will still be pretty good this season, but with the defending champs in the same division, I can understand why fans are not happy with the developments since the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Skins fans are foaming at the mouth for any sort of success. We're happy that things are moving in the right direction. What you perceive to be optimism is actually just a huge sigh of relief that we're finally headed in the right direction. Listen to the talk radio shows. Hardly anyone is saying the team will be any better than 5-7 wins. Most talk show hosts say the ceiling is 8-9 wins. Regardless, everyone is glad the FA, DMac, CP drama is over and that we now have more youth, speed, and desire on the team.

Rob said...

We'll see about the Bears, but I don't see any "toying" around by the FO. If their offensive line improves, their offense will be much better. The addition of Barber and the emergence of Bell gives us some protection from a Forte injury.

For the Deadskins, I really would not be surprised at all if they end up 4-12. I would be surprised if they end up better than 8-8. To me there is more downside potential than upside potential.