Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bears Thoughts

The roster looks fine to me. I am concerned that the Bears only have 5 linebackers to start the season (I'd like 6), but I think the injuries to backup safeties (and special teams standouts), Steltz and Conte, have forced their hand. They went out and signed a Pro Bowl safety (Meriweather) to shore up their depth and challenge Major Wright for playing time.

Overall, I have no real complaints and like the roster. I think the Bears are better than they were last year because of their stability on the offensive line. I think the Bears defensive line is also much improved.

Briggs is being a knucklehead but I don't think it will amount to much.

The only contract situation that I would like to have addressed in Matt Forte's deal. Apparently the Bears and Forte have suspended active contract negotiations until after the season. I think they want to remove any distractions. However, I fully expect that there will be a new deal in place before the end of the season.

The Bears apparently offered a guarantee of about $15M - Frank Gore got $13.5M guaranteed in SF. At this point, I think the Bears were fair and I think Forte can play out the year and probably get more from them next year if he is as productive as he should be. By mid-year the two sides will come to some agreement.


j, k, and s's d said...

An aging LB corps that has suffered injuries in the past is a concern if they only have 5 LBs.

The Meriweather pickup is good as their safeties are not great. He's been brought in late in the game so we'll see how quickly he can pick up the defense and gel with his teammates. Still, he is young and a pro bowler so he certainly has talent.

I'm not sold on the O/D lines but you follow them more closely. We'll see how this group does.

Briggs is an idiot. It's not and issue of being right or wrong, it's that he is being vocal and being a distraction. He stands by his trade demand and is being an arse.

They should have extended Forte. He will cost the Pears more with each passing week.

Rob said...

I am sure the Forte deal will get done during the season. He won't get to the open market (unless he stinks it up this year).

As for the LBs - I'm sure they will work some guys out in coming weeks. I'd like to see more depth, but I think their injury concerns at safety are more pressing. After Harris and Wright, there wasn't anyone healthy before they picked up Meriweather.

j, k, and s's d said...

Horatio Blades is available.

Apparently the Pears offered Forte in the $13-$14M range guaranteed. DeAngelo Williams just got a contract guaranteeing $21M. That may be too much for him but Forte is certainly deserving of something similar to that.

I suppose they could always franchise him next year. Forte has already said that the contract is a distraction for him.

Rob said...

ESPNChicago put the final number at "the neighborhood of $15M" guaranteed. Forte can probably get more in a year, assuming he proves himself this year.

DeAngelo is too high in my opinion. Chris Johnson got $30M guaranteed - probably on the high side for a running back.

Forte will play hard no matter what. If he is slapped with the transition tag then he will earn about $8M-$9M next year.

He could get 3 years and $21M right now from the Bears ($15M guaranteed), but he is betting that he can get more. That is his choice.

I think 4 years, $26M, with $18M guaranteed would be appropriate right now. But I think the Bears and Forte are going to let it play out for 1/2 a season.