Sunday, December 18, 2011

Caleb Hanie Played His Way Out of Chicago

The dude stinks and realistically the Bears post-season hopes are now dead (I know they are not mathematically eliminated, but it is over). He had a chance to solidify himself as a solid backup behind Cutler with a relatively weak part of the Bears' schedule. If he wins just 1 of the 4 games he played in the Bears would be in the hunt. If he wins 2 they are in control of their destiny. Instead he loses to the Raiders, at home to KC, to Denver, and at home to Seattle. He was directly responsible for losses against all but Denver. The dude threw 3 interceptions against everyone but Denver.

Today 2 pick-6's in the second half that just killed the Bears. His other interception was with the Bears at the Seattle 30 yard line into double coverage. He gave a away a field goal attempt on a throw that he clearly had decided on before the play started. Earl Bennett was wide open on the play but he forced it to Kellen Davis with double coverage.

If the Bears had picked up McNabb and gotten him ready maybe we would have had a chance. I like that they gave Hanie the chance and I expected more from him. He just is not an NFL QB. That is sadly obvious.