Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

The best rivalry in the NFL in my opinion. The oldest rivalry in the NFL as a fact.

Tonight marks a big night for both teams. It is early and a lot has to happen, but the Bears re-tooled their offense and got Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, and Alshon Jeffery with the idea that they need to score more points to compete with the Packers. They also improved their front four on D to try to put more pressure on the QB without having to blitz. It looked good last week against the lowly Colts, but we'll have to see against the Pack in Lambeau.

The Packers offensive line is probably just as much a concern - and maybe even more - than the Bears (that is saying something). Rodgers got hit a lot last week and was sacked three times. But just as bad is that the Packers could just not open holes or run the ball. Rodgers pointed out that they were facing 6 men in the box quite often and could not generate any yards from their running game. Add to that that their D has been very suspect and there may be trouble in Titletown.

For tonight, I expect a pretty close game, but I do think the Bears are better. I think Marshall will make a couple of big plays and Forte/Bush will rush for over 130 yards. Add in a couple of big returns from Hester and solid D which pressures Rodgers and we should see a 31-21 win for the Bears.

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j, k, and s's d said...

I think both teams have their faults.

The difference in the game could very well be Hester. If he gets a couple of good returns, that could be it.

I expect the Pucker run game to be better as they faced the #1 ranked run defense in the 9ers last week.

I also expect Rodgers to do a good job of dissecting the Pear secondary.

However, I think Jay George will play well and get a couple of balls to Marshall who will get plenty o yards after the catch.

Should be a good one.