Monday, September 17, 2012

NFL Thoughts

Amazing weekend of upsets and "surprises." Arizona beating New England. Seattle rolling up on Dallas. The Bills beating KC. The Saints at 0-2 after falling to Carolina. Indy getting the win over Minnesota. Philly coming back on Baltimore were just some of the great games. In a few weeks we will see how things stack up and who are the contenders and pretenders really are.

There are two things that I have to note. First, the 49ers are really good. They play football the way it should be played. They have a great D and they run the ball well. The power running sets up their passing game nicely.

Two, all four teams in the NFC North are 1-1. The Bears, and more specifically, Jay Cutler and the offense need to get straightened out. The O-line wasn't very good, but there were problems with the play calling and Jay holding on to the ball too long that contributed to the problems. They will figure it out - or at least they better if they are going to contend. Losing Forte hurts, but he'll be back in a couple of weeks. Bush is more than sufficient as a lead back. The D just needs to keep on doing what it is doing. As a unit they have been very good.


j, k, and s's d said...

After two weeks, the 49ers look like the most solid team. They are good on defense, solid on offense lead by a QB that understands his role. The offense isn't sexy but they are efficient and get the job done.

They also seem to be well coached and are all on the same page. It very much seems like a strong "team" as opposed to a collection of talented players.

The Pears are like a number of teams in the NFL right now. They have some good and bad points and they need to straighten them out. For the Pears, it is mostly Jay George and him getting an attitude adjustment. He thinks he's the greatest guy out there and it's everyone else that is screwing up. He yells at fans, media, teammates, and then will pout on the sidelines. He can get away with it a little bit because he's got some talent. However, it seems like he is alienating himself from fans and teammates and if he doesn't start producing people will start turning on him and then I say bring in Jason Campbell. At least I can root for that guy.

Cutler is an ass. He's probably just tired Cavallari and realizes he has a baby with her and that they are planning a wedding.

Rob said...

I totally agree that Cutler needs to tone it down. He isn't going to "change." He is who he is.

However, if he is going to be a leader of men then he is going to have to take personal responsibility and keep his complaints and attitude out of the public eye. He needs to keep that stuff in the locker room and meeting rooms.

I'm sure things will get turned around, but someone in authority (Lovie, Tice, the GM) needs to stomp this kind of stuff out now so that it doesn't filter to the team that he can say/do whatever he wants. Lovie is pretty good about doing that sort of thing - he knows his players.