Monday, November 26, 2012

Chicago Bears Back on Track

The Bears took care of business against the Vikings. With the Packers losing, the Bears are back in sole possession of first in the North. The D turned in another great performance with three more turnovers. The only downside is that there were a bunch of injuries (Tillman, Forte, Briggs, Hester, Lance Louis). Hopefully none of them are terribly serious.

The 49er game was and odd game and I believe it was an anomaly game that just happens from time to time. We'll see in a couple of weeks if that is true. The Bears play Seattle this week in Chicago. It should be a good matchup, but this is another game they should win. Can't wait. In the end, I would love to see the Bears play the 49ers in the NFC title game - hopefully in Chicago.


j, k, and s's d said...

A much needed win for the Pears after dropping two in a row to quality opponents.

I watched the first half and I will say Cutler was good and the O line play was much better. It was a much smarter game plan with the Pears providing extra guys for protection and Cutler throwing shorter passes. Cutler also was able to extend some plays with his feet.

Still, Jay George is an absolute ass. Every time I see him play, I just think that guy is a jerk but whatever.

I was miffed at a pass interference call on Winfield on Marshall in the end zone resulting in a first and goal at the 1 yard line. If anything it looked like Marshall interfered with Winfield. Those things happen and it hurt the Queens.

Ponder sucked when he tried to throw downfield. He was way off and it resulted in INTs.

The key to beat the Pears is establish the run game and set up the short passes to TEs towards the sidelines. Also, throw flare outs as opposed to flare ins.

The Pears have been very fortunate to avoid the injury bug this season until this game. Louis tore his ACL so he is done for the year. Briggs and Tillman are banged up but they will probably play on Sunday. Forte hurt his ankle again but he hasn't done much the last few weeks and might be good to sit him and give Bush a shot. Hester hasn't been Hester of years past so not critical if he plays or not.

Should be a good game against Seattle on Sunday. Seattle has a decent pass rush and probably the best pair of CBs in the league. Both are big and physical and will be a good matchup for Marshall. I expect Jay George will take his hits. The key will be for the defense to make rookie Russell Wilson uncomfortable.

I'm actually hoping for a Pear win as it will help the Skins in the wild card race.

Rob said...


In all reality, the Bears are going to have to get better performances out of their offensive line. The D is a championship defense, but the offense has mostly been along for the ride this year. With better play up front they will be able to make plays downfield.

As for Jay, he is a grump, but he is also a very good QB. He is tough and he is smart, and he can make plays when there is nothing there. I really don't care if people don't like him. He is paid to do just one thing - win. If he was the nicest guy in the world and was losing, I would want him out. The fact is that when he plays the Bears win. That is all that counts.

j, k, and s's d said...

Unless the Pears get better O line play, I don't see championship.

Defense is good. They had a stretch of a few games where they were fantastic in terms of creating turnovers. That isn't sustainable for every game so the offense has to pick it up.

Jay George is a decent QB but he isn't great. He's an arrogant arse and I think I would have a tough time cheering for him even if he was on my team. I agree that I don't want a nice guy that sucks in there but Jeff Cutler is a d%ck and he shows that every game. Again, in this last game, he is yelling at his coaches for not getting the play in on time. Then they burn a timeout and he is sitting there pouting and puttering around the field. I agree that the play needs to be sent in quicker buy why does he have to be such an ass about it? Then he scrambles for a first down and gets out of bounds. Good for him but he tosses the football at a Queens DB for no reason and takes a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. What a d#ck.

Rob said...

I think most teams in the NFL struggle with their O-line. The problem for the Bears is often play calling. Guys can't be whipped physically, but over the last couple of years the Bears have often abandoned the run early and called a lot of 5 and 7 step dropback passes. That has gotten them in trouble also.

I'm not too worried about their line. They need to make sure they scheme well.

The D is fantastic - they have talent all over the place and they play a solid base defense that doesn't have to rely on a lot of tricks because their front 4 are great at getting pressure on the QB . It is definitely a championship defense.

Jay Cutler - just win baby. Like I said, I don't care about anything else.

Rob said...

One other thing about the Bears' O-line. There are a lot of times when Jay himself needs to get rid of the ball. On a three step drop if it isn't there he needs to either throw it away or tuck and run right away. He often takes unnecessary hits trying to make a play that isn't there.

I just don't think some of the better QBs do what he does at times and this can sometimes work, but often it results in a sack and some punishment Jay should avoid.

j, k, and s's d said...

Sure scheme plays a part in some of the offensive struggles but there is no denying that the O line is bad. They get beaten by three down lineman on 3 step drops. That is why Richal and Gay Creamy were demoted. There is no excuse for the QB to be hit immediately on a three step drop.

The D is good but I don't believe they are "fantastic." You have your opinion and good for you.

Jeff George the second is an A-hole of the highest order.