Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Next Secretary of State

Frankly, the next Secretary of State should be Susan Rice if that is who the President wants to put in place. Dr. Rice has served this country with distinction and has been UN Ambassador for the last several years. She got Russia and China to agree to tough sanctions against Iran. She has been the point person on background discussion about Libya, Pakistan, and issues in the Middle East. She is completely capable and experienced in world affairs to be head of the State Department.

The whole Benghazi discussion is completely trumped up. She just happened to be the person who went on the talk shows initially after the tragedy took place. She used the talking points that were given to her - and which were cleared independently by the intelligence community. However, if you actually go back and look at what she said, she always said that there was an ongoing investigation. She never argued that terrorists were not involved - only that the evidence was not yet clear.

What is irritating is that Republicans who were cheerleaders for President Bush said nothing about General Powell's error-filled testimony to the UN prior to the Iraq invasion. They didn't have any problem with Condi Rice's "mushroom cloud" nonsense before approving her as Secretary of State. Those were far bigger errors - and I will say they were honest errors, not some sort of grand scheme - than what Susan Rice did.

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Dennis said...

Didn't turn out the way you hoped.


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