Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bears Defense to Change

Coach Trestman is coming in and hopefully will do something with the offense. Apparently, the defensive coordinator will change. Rod Marinelli will be moving on. It is disappointing that a 10 win team with great special teams and a great defense will have an all new staff. Hopefully this is going to work out.

I am disappointed in the coaching changes that appear to be coming. I wait and see who the coaches are before making a final judgement.


j, k, and s's d said...

A veteran laden defense that has had success doing the same thing for years will get a new coach and be asked to do things differently. I can see Jeff George II already starting to stew. It's going to be a loo loo!

Rob said...

I like their choice for DC. Mel Tucker seems like a very competent coach. He did a very good job in Jacksonville and was solid as their interim HC last year. I would have liked to see them keep Marinelli, but they did fine with their pick.

I think Trestman will be more creative on offense, but I want to see them still be a good running team.

It looks like the Bears are going to go O-line with their draft, so I like what I am hearing from the front office side also.

We'll see what happens.

j, k, and s's d said...

Pears going O line with their draft? SHOCKER!!!! About time. Hopefully they don't muff it up like they have in the previous years with Chris "I can't sniff the starting lineup" Williams and Gay Creamy.

Whoever they pick will have to deal with the wrath of Jeff George II and I'm sure cannot live up to his standards. Good luck rookie (who ever you are).