Monday, January 14, 2013

Coaching Notes

I am coaching basketball and indoor soccer. My teams are going in two very different directions. We are 7-1 in indoor soccer and 1-4 in basketball. That said, I am not too worried about the records, especially basketball. We have played the tougher teams in basketball and all but one of the losses was a close loss. Four out of our next five games are against teams that I think are less talented. I expect to win at least three of the next five and would like to see at least four wins. We should have a little more momentum and confidence going into our post-season tournament. It is exactly what happened last year. My boys are now learning to execute our four offensive plays and as we get better at it we tend to play better. We'll see.

In indoor soccer we had a huge game yesterday. We played the only team that had beaten us - the last unbeaten team. We were in second with a 6-1 record. The game got off to a rocky start. Both teams were putting pressure but they went ahead 2-0 about 15 minutes into the game. In the last 10 minutes we got two penalty kicks and I had my son take the shots. He nailed it both time and you could see our team really take off. We went into the half at 2-2. Then went ahead early in the second half 3-2. They tied it about halfway through the half at 3-3, but we got two more goals to win 5-3. Great game and a particularly good game by my son. His defensive skills have really taken off, but his kicks are huge. He had two more free kicks from about 25 yards out that he blasted toward the goal but hit just above the goal. It was awesome.

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Congrats on the soccer game.