Friday, January 11, 2013

Politics Thoughts

Republicans need to get their collective act together. It is clear the Boehner is having trouble holding his caucus together. It seems to me that Eric Cantor is a snake who is ready to stab his leader in the back in an effort to gain power. I have thought that for some time, but the way he voted against Boehner in the fiscal cliff deal really sent a message. Boehner was trying to avoid the fiscal cliff and was pushing his fellow Republicans to vote for the deal that was negotiated and Cantor - who is the Majority Leader in the house voted against it. When you have divided leadership it is difficult to govern.

The debt ceiling has to be raised. We may not like it, but citizens should not be fooled into thinking that the U.S. can just default on its financial obligations and there won't be significant consequences. Republicans played chicken and held the country and the world economy over a barrel last time as they fooled with the debt ceiling and flirted with U.S. default. That cannot happen.

Boehner knows it, but Cantor and the increasingly inane Republican caucus that follows him don't seem to understand reality. It should be interesting, but if Republicans in the House hold the debt ceiling hostage, they should be removed from office and tried for treason. Clearly they would be working against the interests of the United States.


Dennis said...

Happy New Year.

You say:

"It should be interesting, but if Republicans in the House hold the debt ceiling hostage, they should be removed from office and tried for treason."

Wow! Do you really think that Republicans voting against raising the debt ceiling should, if found guilty of treason, be put to death or be sentenced to life in prison? What about Democrats who vote against raising the ceiling?


"A 1/32 Cherokee Tea Party guy having fun"

"We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video."-Hillary Clinton to murdered Navy Seal Tyrone Woods' father

Rob said...

There is a difference between making a symbolic vote and actually making a vote that destroys the country.

Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate often allow members to vote against or for bills for political reasons. However, the point of having a leader with whips is to make sure that the work of the country gets done.

If Republicans actually vote in the House against raising the Debt Ceiling they will literally destroy this country and the world's economy.

When Obama was running for office he made a symbolic vote against raising the debt ceiling for political reasons, but Reid made sure that the majority of Senators voted for raising the ceiling. There was never any risk of actually defaulting. That is politics and leadership coming together appropriately.

The problem is that Boehner has no control over the idiot Republicans who have no idea how to govern and what the Debt Ceiling actually is.