Tuesday, January 22, 2013

President's Agenda

President Obama gave a great speech that tapped into liberal/progressive American values. There are a lot of Republican/conservative critics who are complaining that the President did not reach out to them. That is utter nonsense. First, these Republicans are the same ones who have been obstructionists for everything in the first term. These are the same ones who argued that their singular goal was to make President Obama a one term President. Guys like Paul Ryan were plotting a strategy for how to obstruct the President on the day of President Obama's first inauguration.

Republicans moan and whine about the President not working with them, when it is clear they have no intention of working with the President.

The President laid out a very clearly different agenda for the country than the Republicans 5 years ago and he won the election. He has governed for 4 years in a way that has been very different than the policies of Republicans and he has a far higher approval rating than Republicans. He laid out a completely different vision than Mitt Romney and he trounced Romney to get re-elected to his second term. When will Republicans get the fact that their policies are not wanted by the majority of Americans!

I'm glad President Obama was forceful in his defense of his policies and laid out a muscular agenda for his second term that is very different than what Republicans want. Without the concern for re-election, President Obama is free to push for the policies that he has advocated for in his campaign. We will be better as a country for it. The economy is far improved from where it was 4 years ago. The deficit is shrinking - not expanding as Republicans want people to believe. Employment is improving. After 8 years of President Obama we will be in a far better place than when we started. That will be his lasting legacy.

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