Monday, January 28, 2013

Pro Bowl Nonsense

I watched a few plays of the Pro Bowl last night and found it to be pretty much unwatchable. There is no reason to even have a Pro Bowl. Guys don't want to get hurt and everything moves at half speed most of the time. It is foolish to even call it a football game.

The NFL should reward players as Pro Bowlers - and I don't really care if they leave the system as is - and give them a check/bonus. Don't worry about playing football. Then, instead of a football game they could have a series of competitions (40 yard dash, weight lifting, obstacle course, etc.) and make it interesting. I don't know if people would really watch, but I know I would be more interested.


j, k, and s's d said...

I agree that the Pro Bowl is nonsensical. It's boring. Guys certainly don't want to get hurt. Many players opt out of it as they are nursing injuries from the season.

I'm sure that the guys that do go enjoy as it is a free vacation for them and their families. It's also nice to bond with the guys and get recognition for being voted into this "All Star" game. Still, it is useless. I will turn to it and catch a few minutes but it's pretty meaningless.

The idea of having a skills competition would be interesting. I think that would be more fun and certainly catch more of my attention. You still get to recognize the guys but not put them in a situation where they could get hurt. The fans would get to see these athletes perform different skills (sprints, weight lifting, swimming, etc.) so that would provide some interest.

I kind of like that idea. In any event, the current set up has got to go.

Rob said...

There are all kinds of things that could be done with a skills competition. For example, you could have the current voting, but then create "teams" to compete against each other based on the current divisions. For example, the NFC North Pro Bowl players could then compete against NFC East Pro Bowl players in skills competitions. It would require some strategy to put the right guys out by each competition.

You could also run some flag football competitions with this kind of format.

If a division didn't have enough Pro Bowlers then too bad.

They could do stuff like golf, competitive eating, cycling, high jumping, sprints, long distance races, and basketball. I'm not saying everyone would love it, but more people would probably tune in.

j, k, and s's d said...

Interesting idea although some of the more demanding competitions you mentioned (basketball, high jumping) may be a concern because of potential injuries.

Competitive eating, while interesting, seems kind of absurd.

Still, I get your point. It's like the old days and having the Battle of the Network Stars. Those come on every now and then on ESPN Classic and I'll catch some of it. They had stuff like tug of war and stuff.

I agree that it would probably be more entertaining to watch. Entertaining in a different sense as opposed to watching football. Still, seems like the players are convening at the Pro Bowl for fun and setting up a "skills" competition seems more in line with just having fun. Would probably be more entertaining for fans than a sham football game.