Friday, January 25, 2013

Ravens and 49er Coaching Thoughts . . .

with a little sprinkling of thoughts about the Bears mixed in.

I like the matchup and am looking forward to the Harbaugh Bowl. I love the Ravens - next to the Bears they are my favorite team. I like their style of play with a focus on D and the running game. I also think Flacco is a very good player.

I want to point out a couple of things about the Ravens. They really scratched their way into the playoffs. They lost 4 of 5 down the stretch and finished 10-6. They lost big in the middle of the year to Houston 43-13. Those kind of numbers might have gotten John Harbaugh fired in Chicago, but because of the division the Ravens played in it was good enough to win. The Bears had a very similar season as the Ravens, but ended up short - that is the way it goes sometimes.

The 49ers went 3-2 down the stretch with a loss to St. Louis and a thumping by Seattle 42-13. Big losses happen in the NFL and teams recover.

I think the big thing that happened for both teams was that both coaches really went unconventional and made big changes during the season. The 49ers changed QBs and it certainly looks like a good move now. I think Alex Smith can play and will start again in the NFL. I expect him to end up in Cleveland with Norv Turner, but Colin K is Jim Harbaugh's guy. In Baltimore, there was some friction between Flacco and Ray Rice and Cam Cameron. The team was doing OK offensively - it was the defense that was really letting them down - but John Harbaugh fired Cameron and went with Jim Caldwell. Another big gamble that paid off for them.

What I like about these moves is that they were gamble for teams that wanted to find a way to break through to a higher level. Both ended up working out. I am hopeful that the Bears decision to be a little more bold will end up pushing them higher.


j, k, and s's d said...

Correct that the moves were bold and certainly paid off. Good job by both Harbaughs.

Should be an interesting game. I am pulling for the Ravens as I like John Harbaugh and so much Jim Harbaugh. Also, would be good to see Ray Ray go out with a win. What a way to end an amazing career.

No use in bring up the Pears. The big difference is that even in Ravens times of struggle this past season, the players still seemed unified and together and they believed in John Harbaugh. If they had missed out on the playoffs, some questions may have risen about Harbaugh's future but he still has had too much success and generated so much good will that those questions would not be taken seriously.

Lovie and the Pears have been inconsistent for years often finishing up seasons poorly. Enough was enough and it was time for a separation. Also, the Pears weren't as unified as the Ravens. Jeff George II is a arrogant malcontent and you can't win with that guy. Will be interesting to see how long George II puts up with the new guy.

I'm sure the pressure of having a newborn kid and a has been reality star for a fiancee doesn't do much for Jeff George II's pleasant demeanor.

Rob said...

I have no problem with the change for the Bears; I am merely pointing out an interesting similarity between the Bears and Ravens seasons.

However, you have got to let your Jay Cutler hatred dissipate - let it go before it destroys you.

j, k, and s's d said...

And I am pointing out how the lack of similarity b/t the two teams seasons.

You know I am right about Jeff George II but he is your guy so you can't admit it. If he was on the Skins, you be able to see Jeff George II for who he is better and you would be in full agreement with me.