Monday, January 28, 2013

Republicans Talking a Good Game

In recent weeks, leading Republican politicians have tried talking a good game. They talk about giving people ideas and appealing to women, minorities, and immigrants. The problem is that they do not really offer any specifics and they remain held back by the tea party type nuts who remain obstinate.

It is odd, because there are some steps toward consensus building, but then Paul Ryan will blast the President for nothing on the Sunday talk shows. John Boehner actually said that the President wants to destroy the Republican Party. These guys just don't get it - they need ideas and substance, not petty whining.

In Virginia, Republican state senators snuck a re-districting map of the State's districts through on Inauguration day because one of the State's black lawmakers was attending the President's Inauguration. This allowed them to sneak the map through with a 20-19 vote. The Republican lieutenant governor had already nixed the idea because it was ridiculously bad, and he refused to agree to break the tie in favor of Republicans. The Republican governor has openly come out against it. In addition, Republican senators want to change how the State's Electoral College votes are divided. Instead of winner take all they wanted to divide them by districts and then give the two additional votes to the winner of the greatest number of districts - not based on the popular vote. This makes no sense whatsoever unless you are trying to make sure that Republicans get more EC votes in the short term. Again, the Governor thinks it is inane (which it is). Instead of working on ideas, many Republican state senators in Virginia just want to change the rules. It may help them in the short term, but it is almost surely going to continue to hurt them over the longer term

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