Monday, February 11, 2013


There continues to be ridiculous opposition of the President by Republicans. Senator Lindsay Graham wants to hold up perfectly qualified candidates for the CIA and Defense Department because he is still unsatisfied about Benghazi. There is little question that they would be approved, but Graham wants to cause trouble.

Senator Bob Corker is starting to question the legality of drone attacks. I don't necessarily disagree that we need better oversight - especially when Americans are targeted. But, what bothers me is that Corker and his Republican friends had no trouble with this during the Bush years.

Representative Eric Cantor went on Meet the Press yesterday and hammered the Obama Administration for wanted to raise taxes. A couple of days earlier he seemed to be more conciliatory and even seemed open to working with the President, but he fell back into his same pit bull mentality with largely useless/baseless Republican talking points.

Until the Republican Party can lay out a real agenda and get serious about governing without all the bluster and the attempts to score political points, they will remain a Party in decline.

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