Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union/Rubio's Response

Pretty hum-drum SOTU address last night. I would even say that it was a bit boring. At the end, I thought the President hit a pretty strong chord when he pushed for votes on gun legislation, but otherwise I thought it was pretty much standard fare with little in terms of new legislation or policy.

The highlight of the night was really from Marco Rubio who delivered the Republican response. Goodness, the guy has a huge audience that he can introduce himself to and he looks totally uncomfortable and his whole tone was ridiculously combative. The combination made him look like a panicky angry dude.

From a content perspective, I thought it was odd that he talked about government policies that helped his family (Medicare for his dying father and ailing mother, government loans so he could go to college, etc.) and then basically talked about the need to cut back on government policies. However, it wasn't the bad/inconsistent content that he delivered that was as much the problem as his weird hand gestures and struggles to keep from sweating. His pause to lean over and grab a bottle of water was particularly strange. It was like a bad SNL skit - which I am sure will happen this week.

In the end, he really botched an opportunity to look presidential. He kept wiping his forehead and lips and looked really uncomfortable. Then when he reached for the bottle of water. I laughed out loud as if it was a skit. I'm not sure if it will make all that much difference in the long run, but it was a pathetic effort to exude confidence and look like a leader.


matar-alloo said...

Colbert did a hilarious skit making fun the Rubio speech. You should see it if you haven't already.

Rob said...

I'll take a look - I did not see it. The SNL version (which was predictable) was pretty good also.