Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michelle Obama's Healthy School Lunches

Some idiots in Kentucky are complaining that the healthy lunch program that Michelle Obama has advocated for has food that "tastes like vomit."

I call them idiots because they have a couple of different options if they don't like trying to be healthy.

1. Michelle Obama didn't make the standards - nutritionists, doctors, and food experts developed the guidelines. Blaming Michelle Obama as if she is sitting in the White House dictating food standards based on her own whims is plain stupid.

2. Make your own kid's lunch and put whatever junk food you want to put into it.

3. Don't get federal funding for your school's lunch program. If you don't like the food guidelines, then don't take federal money. No state or school district is required to take federal money, but if you take the funding then you have to follow the rules.

4. Find some better food suppliers. Complaining about skim milk and wheat bread when we have an obesity problem in this country makes little sense. If the food actually tastes like "vomit" then I suggest you find better suppliers. Skim milk and wheat bread does not normally taste like "vomit."

FYI, Kentucky is ranked number 7 in per capita obesity rates in the U.S. among all states Shockingly (not), the most obese states tend to be red states mostly in the South. Not surprising when you see nuts in Kentucky complaining about skim milk and wheat bread and blaming Michelle Obama for not supporting their choices to fatten up their kids.

Chicago Bears 2013/2014

I could start my post with the typical prediction that I make every year - "Super Bowl" - but I am not going to.

Realistically, I think the Packers and Bears are going to battle for the NFC North Championship. With Lovie and his staff gone, and Brian Urlacher now retired, there is obviously going to be some adjustment period. I like Marc Trestman and he seems like he is going to be creative on offense. The D should be pretty strong given their talent and the new pieces they have picked up. All that said, I could see the Bears going anywhere from 6-10 to 12-4. My guess is the Bears will go 10-6 and make the playoffs this year.

The areas I am most concerned with are offensive line - where it looks like 2 rookies will be starting - and QB. The O-line will be a work in progress, but I do think Trestman will also be better about play-calling which should help cut down on QB hits. Jay Cutler is in a contract year, but he is picking up a new offense. That should work out fine, but if Jay gets hurt, the Bears really do not have a quality backup. This is negligence on the part of the GM in my opinion. Can't wait to see what happens.

Where have I been?

Man, I haven't been on my blog site for months. I've been super busy at work, home life, and with kids' activities. Now that football season is upon us, I am likely to start posting again. I will also be adding my thoughts about politics and life as usual.