Monday, September 23, 2013

3-0 Bears

The Bears won their third game in a row and their first win on the road. They played a desperate, but undermanned, Pittsburgh team and won. There were points in the game when the Bears looked unstoppable, and then there were other points where it looked like they might blow it. In the end, it was a very good NFL road victory.

The first quarter was fantastic for the Bears. They took the opening drive down the field and kicked a field goal. The D got a turnover and created a short field which then ended in a Forte TD. The D forced a 3 and out and the Bears third drive ended in a Bush TD run. It was 17-0 and it looked like the rout was on. After a Pittsburgh field goal, the Bears O was stopped for the first time in the game but after the punt, Big Ben threw a pick-6 to Major Wright. Bears 24-3.

At that point, it looked pretty bad for the Steelers. The Bears D held and had forced a punt. But a roughing the kicker penalty on the Bears extended a Steeler drive that resulted in a TD. So, the halftime score was a respectable 24-10. The Bears forced a Steeler fumble after the half and kicked a field goal. Bears 27-10. Then the Steelers clawed their way back and with about 10 minutes to go had closed the game 27-23. Cutler pulled out another great fourth quarter drive that ate up clock and ended in a TD. Bears up 34-23 with under 6 minutes to go and the game was effectively over. Peppers ran in a 42 yard fumble to put the final margin at 40-23.

It was an efficient offensive game, with a couple of timely drives for the Bears, but it was a truly dominating defensive performance. The Bears forced 3 fumbles and the Bears safeties picked off two passes. Add three sacks and constant pressure on Big Ben, along with two more defensive TDs last night, and the Bears D showed itself to be a real force.

On to Detroit for a stiffer road test.


j, k, and s's d said...

I didn't watch all the game. I watched as the Pears took the 17-0 lead through to Steelers comeback.

A win is a win and it's a good win. Pittsburgh looks pretty bad and it will be interesting to see if Haley lasts the season. I guess they were able to muster some decent offense but too many mistakes. Also, the Steeler O line is pathetic. They have been for years and Big Ben deserves credit for be able to work behind that group over the years.

Pears starting to get some attention. Will be interesting to see if they can keep it up against some stiffer opposition. Question is how much of the Pears success is the Pears or the competition they faced. Things will start to normalize sooon and we'll see if they are a contender or a pretender.

Congrats on the win.

Rob said...

Beating the Vikings and Steelers is OK, but the Bengals are a dark horse Super Bowl pick this year. We'll see in coming weeks, but the Bears' schedule is favorable. Playing the NFC East this year helps.

I figure by the time the Bears play the Deadskins, RG0-3 will be on the bench and Cousins will be in. That will probably be a mistake, but I am looking forward to it.

j, k, and s's d said...

The Queens couldn't even beat the lowly Brownies who had their third string QB in and traded away their best player in Richardson and looked like an absolute joke by most people prior to the game. The Stealers look like a shell of what they once were and will probably have a tough time winning a couple of games this season. Still, the Pears don't make the schedule and they won.

The Bengalas are a good team but so much can happen opening day and from my understanding the Bengalas played a very sloppy game.

Look, the Pears are in the enviable position of being 3-0 and they don't owe any explanations for that or have to defend that. Maybe they are the real deal. We'll see as they play stiffer competition.

As far as RG3 being benched, I don't think you really believe that but if you do, that's ridiculous.

Rob said...

I do believe it - if he plays poorly and the team loses this week. Shanny will have to do something to shake up the team and a QB change may be his only option at that point.

j, k, and s's d said...

For a guy that drooled all over Rexy and would've left his family if Rexy called and asked you to be his concubine, strange that you think a quick pull of RG3 would be the correct decision.

RG3 is working the rust off but it seems pretty clear that the losses are not all on him. That being the case, why pull their most valuable player? If you want to send a message, cut the kicker or the punter or bench a less high profile player.

You're thilly!

Rob said...

The situation is very different:

1. The Bears were winning.

2. There wasn't an issue with the coach. He didn't dictate anything.

3. Rex wasn't hurt.

Rex was largely supported by his coach and his teammates.

I am not calling for RG3 to be benched right now, but if the Deadskins go 0-4 and RG3 looks slow and makes mistakes, I would not see anything wrong with making the change.

If the Deadskins lose but RG3 plays well in Oakland then no change is needed. He is closer to being benched than he was a couple of weeks ago.

j, k, and s's d said...

You are starting to sound like Average Joe Fan. RG3 hasn't done anything to play himself out of the position. No question he is rusty but he looks to be progressing week to week. Also, there is no guarantee we win with Captain Kirk. I like Kirk but it would be a mistake to bench RG3 so early in the season when he hasn't done anything to warrant the benching.

If a significant change is needed at the bye week, I would think Haslett would be the #1 option. The Skins D was better this past week but still not good. Players have to make plays but someone has to take the fall. That would be Haslett.

I don't envision any change at the break UNLESS we get obliterated by the Raiders and the defense looks worse than they have all season.

Rob said...

Have you gotten the invitation to pack Haslett's bags. He's leaving next week.

j, k, and s's d said...

The "invitation" to pack Haslet's bags? Not sure what kind of invitation I would get. I don't expect him to be leaving next week but I wouldn't be surprised either.