Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tim Tebow to Jacksonville?

The Jaguars stink right now. They have some nice young pieces and their D is OK, but they stink. They will be lucky to win 3 games this year. The fans don't show up to games and there is a lot of gloom around the team. So, does it make sense to sign Tebow?

There was a "rally" to get Tebow. He got 20 supporters to show up. There is also an online petition in Jacksonville that has nearly 600,000 people saying he should not be signed no matter what.

In the end, it probably is not worth it. If you sign him you have to deal with the circus around him. That is OK if you win a couple of games, but you cannot run a pro-style offense and it may actually hurt the development of your offensive line and receivers. I doubt you would keep Tebow next year when the first pick will likely be a QB that you want to build around. Use this year to work on fundamentals and figure out who the character guys are on the team. Then, next year let the rebuild start with around a new QB.


j, k, and s's d said...

Mistake! I suppose it is a good marketing ploy if you want a quick fix to sell tickets but anything more than that is wrong.

Tebow cannot play QB in the NFL and to try and make that happen will embarrass him and the Jaguar team/organization. It will also set the team back further as you said, you can't really evaluate guys as the games with Tebow in becomes more like a show.

I can appreciate Tebow's unwillingness to change and his commitment to be a QB but if he really wants a career in the NFL, he will have to change positions.

Rob said...

What position would you put him in? Fullback? Tight end? I am not sure he offers that much at those positions given how much of a circus he creates for teams that he plays for.

He might be good in the Arena League.

j, k, and s's d said...

Yeah, I wouldn't want him. Too much distraction but if I had to take him, I wouldn't put him at QB. Not sure how good his hands are so not sure about TE. Seems like he could be an Alstott or Peyton Hillis type of fullback/RB.

However, just too much baggage/drama with him for my taste.