Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bears Win

The Bears made it interesting, but in the end they beat the Giants 27-21. As I was watching it, it seemed like the Bears were going to win pretty much the entire time. However, in the fourth quarter the game was close and the Bears could very well have lost the game. I got nervous that Eli was going to pull one out, but Tim Jennings effectively ended it with his second interception of the night.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

1. The offensive line and Jay Cutler both played well. I liked that Cutler didn't make any boneheaded plays and threw it away a number of times. He also made some plays with his legs to keep drives going. Nice job.

2. The running game was OK, but will need to get better. I thought some of it was play calling. They didn't really run consistently - particularly in the first half. They also seemed to call a lot of plays between the tackles and it just wasn't really there tonight.

3. The Bears defensive line was short-handed. Henry Melton and Nate Collins - two major players at DT are lost for the year and Stephen Paea did not play because of a toe injury. As a result the Bears gave up a fair amount of rushing yards. It is probably my biggest concern going forward.

The Bears get a bit of a mini-bye and can recover from some of the nagging injuries before going to DC. Hopefully the DT situation will improve, because the Deadskins will bring a much more potent rushing attack. Should be fun.


j, k, and s's d said...

After two losses and a pretty unimpressive win against the winless G men, Pears look to be part of the mediocre middle.

Defense doesn't look that impressive. If not for Eli gift wrapping the game to them, it could have easily gone the other way.

I will say that I agree that Jeff George II did a nice job of keeping drives alive with his feet. Also, I think the Pears do a good job with their passing game. Looks like they employ a version of the west coast offense where the ball is coming out very quickly after the snap.

At least the win should shut Marshall up and quiet the discontent from the Pear media and fans after their two losses.

Rob said...

The Bears played through a lot of defensive injuries and took it from the Giants with the interceptions.

They did what they had to do. If you think the Saints are elite, then it is hard to argue that the Bears are mediocre. The Bears are going to win the NFC North and if they don't they still will make the playoffs this year.

j, k, and s's d said...

Injuries are part of the game. Welcome to the NFL.

You're right. They won the game. A win's a win and that is the only stat that counts. Good for the Pears.

If I think the Saints are elite, then how is it hard to argue that the Pears are mediocre? Not sure I understand the correlation.

Love the confidence that the Pears will win the North. It is possible as no one is really grabbing the reigns in that division. They could be first. They could be third. Lots of football yet to be played.

Rob said...

The Bears, Packers, and Lions will be in it until the end. They will likely split some games between them, but the Bears schedule favors them to win out. I like the way the Bears offense is developing and I expect to see the D continue to make plays.

The fact is the Bears are 4-2 and they get the Deadskins this week. At 5-2 and with a bye, they should be able to get healthy for the second half of the season.

j, k, and s's d said...

Didn't answer my question but that is typical?

j, k, and s's d said...

Still haven't answered the question.

Rob said...

I am not sure what question you are talking about.

If you mean about the Saints, it should be fairly obvious. The Bears largely held the Saints O in check. It was a close game that easily could have gone either way. There is no reason to think the Bears are not a good team in my opinion.

"Mediocre" means 8-8. The Bears last year were not mediocre - they were good, just not quite good enough to make the playoffs because their division was so tough. I think the Bears will be better than last year, but will win at least 10 games again. That is not mediocre in my opinion.

Are you asking another question or was that it?

Rob said...

One other thing, most of the NFL power rankings still put the Bears in the Top 10 or 11 teams. I don't see many people who share your view of the Bears being "mediocre." Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, but it seems pretty clear that it is not really backed up by any facts - it is a biased opinion that doesn't really hold up (at least at this point in the season).

j, k, and s's d said...

The score against the Saints was 26-10 with two minutes remaining. They barely beat the Bungles who made a lot of bungles. They beat the Viqueens on a last second play. They didn't look impressive against the winless Giants. You say the Saints game could have gone either way? You could say the same thing about the Bungles, Viqueens, and Giants games.

Look only at the Tribune to see their columnists pointing out the Pear deficencies. Their defense has gotten turnovers but I don't expect them to keep up that pace and if they don't, they are in real trouble because they give up boatloads of yards.

They look pretty mediocre to me.