Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Chicago Bears 3-1

Jay Cutler had one of his soul-crushing performances that he pulls out from time to time. Three interceptions and another fumble that went for a TD were too much to overcome. The Bears D played pretty well given all of the short fields and offensive mistakes they had to try to clean up.

That said, the Bears are where they need to be four games into the season. Players sometimes have the kind of horrible days that Jay went through - the key is not to have more than one per season. The Saints are visiting Chicago this week and then the Bears play the Giants and Deadskins before the bye. If they win two or three of the upcoming games they will be in good shape following the bye. I do think this week's game against the Saints will be a great test of how good the Bears really are. Playing at home against an undefeated Saints team, following a loss, is a good situation to see what the team is made of.

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j, k, and s's d said...

It's interesting how much can change in one week. Many folks thought the Pears were part of the NFL elite going into last weekend and then they were torched by Reggie Bush and the Lions. They got a couple of late TDs to make the score respectable but with the loss, people start wondering how good are the Pears and question the quality of their wins (beating a mistake laden Bengals team, beating the Viqueens on a last second pass, beating the lowly Steelers). They don't need to apologize for any of their victories but the question remains how good are the Pears?

As you mentioned, Sunday's game against the undefeated Saints will answer a lot. If they manage a win, it will prove that they a team to contend with in the NFC. However, a loss (particularly a bad one) and they will be seen as nothing more than being part of the mediocre middle. Then you will hear the chatter of Pear fans/media commenting on the defense and Jeff George II. George will fly off the handle this being a contract year and yell at the fans saying, "YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER?!!!" He'll flip them the bird and then yell, "JEFF GEORGE II OUT!!!" as he storms out of his press conference.

Still, a win and all will be glorious in Chitown.

Again, it's fun to watch what can happen in a week.