Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Federal Government Shutdown

Living in Maryland, the shutdown is having a pretty dramatic immediate effect. Many of my neighbors are federal employees or government contractors and there are certainly many who are staying home. It is unfortunate because the work that they do is essential. I have neighbor friends who work for NTSB, NIH, and NSA who are all home not doing the work of the American people.

Here is my bottom line take on the shutdown - Republicans are idiots. They could not defeat the Affordable Care Act legislatively, so they have decided to shut down the government rather than fund the law that was passed and upheld by the Supreme Court. Frankly, they have no leverage to stand on. "Negotiating" with hooligans who would rather bring down the government than work to change the law makes little sense. Democrats and the President have no reason to "negotiate" because Republicans aren't offering anything other than the normal functioning of the government.

When people die from tainted food because food inspections aren't being conducted, or veterans stop receiving their benefits, or income tax refund checks don't get mailed, the outcry will get louder and the Republicans will ultimately give in. The American people may not fully understand why the shutdown is happening, but in the end they will know it was the Republicans who caused it.

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