Monday, October 14, 2013

NFL Notes

The Packers were able to squeak by the Ravens. I am sure John Harbaugh is questioning his decisions. He went for a 4th and 1 at the goal line and got stuffed early in the game. That field goal would have helped. I had no problem with going for it there. You want to try to show some confidence in your team and it is early - it just didn't work. However, the decision to be aggressive right before halftime was disasterous. The Ravens were fortunate to only be down 3-0 just before halftime after Mason Crosby missed a late field goal. There were 12 seconds and instead of just running the ball or downing it at the Ravens' 35 yard line and going into halfime they tried to throw the ball. Sack, fumble, field goal Packers at the half. Now you are down 6-0. The problem I had was that they hadn't done anything in the first half, points were at a premium, and what did they think they were going to do with just 12 seconds. Even if Flacco completes a pass the best they are going to be able to do is go for a Hail Mary. Bad coaching mistake that ended up being the difference in the game.

The Houston "fans" who cheered Schaub's injury are fools.

The Vikings should go to Josh Freeman right now.

The Bucs need to fire Schiano right now.

The Saints displayed very poor clock management and blew the game against the Patriots. They had that game won, but gave the Patriots the ball 3 times in the final 3 minutes. They deserved to lose for their poor clock management.

The Deadskins stink. But RG3 looked much more dynamic in the running game. He missed some open throws and had some balls flutter out of his hand; he also fumbled a couple of times and threw an interception, but he does look better. The Deadskins and him personally would have been better off waiting a few weeks until after the bye. He would have been rusty, but at least his legs would have worked.


j, k, and s's d said...

Agree that the "fans" who cheered Schaub's injury are idiots but that is the nature of fans. Should be no surprise. When players make crucial mistakes in big games, they get death threats. Welcome to sports in the 21st century.

That said, Schaub really seems to have lost his confidence and Houston looks to be tanking.

I imagine the Freeman era will start very soon. You don't sign the guy to a one year deal and not expect him to play. I'm sure they want to see what they have in him to determine if he is worth signing long term. Cassel is not the long term answer and Ponder hasn't shown much and doesn't have the support of the team's best player (AP). Freeman will get his chance.

Funny how everyone loved Schiano's tough, disciplined, keeping guys accountable style last year and now it's too much. He might make it through the season but his career in TB is looking pretty bleak.

Saints should have won but it's the Belichik/Brady magic in NE that prevailed.

Easy to say Redskins stink but this is not a floundering franchise (i.e., JAX). Problem is that while the rest of the NFL is in midseason form, our offense is still trying to get to speed. RG3 is looking better week to week but he/the offense is still not there. Again, my hope is that the improvement continues and we start to see later this season what we showed last season.

Rob said...

We'll see if it is a floundering franchise - it looks bad right now. If Terrelle Prior plays in Oakland there is a good chance the Deadskins would be 0-5 right now. They were fortunate to play against Flynn.

I think there are some nice pieces on the team, but it really does not look like a team that can really challenge for a division title any time soon right now.

Last year, RG3 made all the right moves and carried them to 7 wins (with a little timely help from Cousins). This year, he is not the same guy and he cannot cover up all of the flaws.

j, k, and s's d said...

I disagree. The offense is only as good as the QB and when the QB hasn't had a chance to get ready, the entire offense will suffer. There is talent at the WR, TE, RB spots and a solid enough O line that with a healthy RG3 can be effective. I could understand if we had a good game or two but the offense was solid all of last season and ranked near the top in several offensive categories.

No reason to think they can't do the same with a healthy and fully prepared RG3.