Thursday, October 10, 2013

Republican Foolishness

The government shutdown is a mess of a problem that is completely manufactured by Republicans who just cannot accept the Affordable Care Act. It is the law and they want to find a procedural way to stop the law. It passed legislatively, it was upheld by the Supreme Court, we have had a presidential election in which people could vote out President Obama if they didn't like his signature policy. The Republicans lost a significant number of seats in the Senate and the House in the last election while campaigning against the Affordable Care Act - and yet, they still cannot give it up. Idiots.

I am 100 percent with President Obama's position that no negotiation should take place until the government is back in business and there are no threats to the debt ceiling. No President - Democrat or Republican - should negotiate with a Congress that won't take care of the bare minimum requirements of governing. The thing that scares me is that there are so many Republicans who simply do not understand what the debt ceiling is or the consequences of defaulting on any of our government's financial obligations.

It would be a complete disaster to allow the government to default. Interest rates would likely spike and the future value of U.S. Treasury notes would greatly diminish. It would be harder to service our national debt and we would all likely have to pay far more for our cars, houses, school loans, etc. Hopefully the adults in Congress will stick the idiots who don't understand the consequences of default (i.e., tea party Republicans) in a corner with their dunce caps on.

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