Sunday, January 29, 2017

1 Week of Trump and We are in a Completely New World

Trump has issued 15 Executive Orders even though there is a Republican Congress. By comparison, President Obama averaged 35 Orders per year. President Bush offered 42 per year. Trump will have 50 in his first month in office. The two latest EO's created a Muslim ban from 7 countries and changed the President's National Security Council to remove the Director of National Intelligence and the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, and then add Steve Bannon, Trump's political strategist. Bannon is an avowed White Nationalist and has no national security experience whatsoever. So Trump is going to take out the head of all U.S. intelligence and the top military leader, and put in a racist political hack. That should give every American pause. How that strengthens national security is beyond me - obviously it does not.

With the stroke of his pen, Trump put in his Muslim ban. It is unconstitutional and will face many challenges in court. A federal judge has already struck down part of it. Yet, the spineless Republican "leadership" in Congress won't do anything. Democrats are going to introduce legislation tomorrow, but under congressional rules, it will be up to the Republicans to allow debate and votes on the legislation. We'll see what happens.

Whatever you think about the ban, it was implemented without any explanation and it has created worldwide travel confusion. It puts the nation in a bad light and further alienates us from our allies.

Those voters who voted for Trump, he is doing everything he said he would do. Unfortunately, it is going to end up tearing the fabric of American and destroying our economy and our prestige and power in the world.


Robin said...

Trump's ban won’t help protect America, since people from these banned countries aren’t the ones who have carried out terrorist attacks in America in recent years. And some say (including GOP lawmakers) Trump’s move might end up helping terrorist groups recruit more members in the future.

Rob said...

Of course it makes us less safe. The fact that Trump did it without input from DNI, DHS, DOD, and the State Department makes it even clearer that it was just a political move aimed at his base. I really think he does not understand what he is doing.