Monday, January 23, 2017

On Day 3 of Trump's Presidency We Learned of "Alternative Facts"

Facts are facts. They are true statements. Yet, that did not stop Mr. Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer to lie about the inaugural crowd size, claiming it was the largest ever. The Sunday morning talk shows had Trump mouthpieces defending the indefensible. It was so ridiculous that spokeswomen, Kellyanne Conway, argued on Meet The Press (MTP) that Spicer and the administration were providing "alternative facts." Chuck Todd (host of MTP) chuckled and rightly pointed out that alternative facts are falsehoods. Personally, I think he should have been more harsh and called them "lies" but he made his point.

Conway's "alternative facts" and Spicer's foolishness has been mocked all over the world. I saw two pretty funny examples from the sports world this weekend. Steve Kerr jabbed at Spicer by referring to his "alternative fact" of being the greatest player in Orlando Magic history (he played 47 games for the franchise). Even better, during the Caps-Stars game this weekend in Dallas, the Stars' Jumbotron showed a picture of the crowd and reported that the night's attendance was "1.5 million."

It is absolutely bizarre that the new administration would actually waste any possible goodwill and credibility it might have at the beginning of its term trying to defend something that is easily proven wrong and which largely does not matter. It is troubling that we may not be able to trust anything the administration says because they refuse to even try to be accurate.


Robin said...

My favorite was when Spicer said "this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration – PERIOD".

matar-alloo said...

Crazy. If anyone disagrees with this child he can't handle it.

Rob said...

It is remarkable how many leaks are coming out of the White House talking about how difficult and immature this President is. Not what you want to hear about a President.