Thursday, January 26, 2017

Republican Congress is Feckless

I knew Mitch McConnell was a hack who cares little for the country and more for power and the GOP. But the weak and complete failure of Paul Ryan to stand up for America has been eye opening. I was no fan of Ryan but I thought he had a little bit of backbone and actually cared for the country. The GOP controls Congress and has a President who is will sign anything they want to do, and the leadership in Congress sits back and let's President Trump issue Executive Orders like they are nothing more than toilet paper. These same Congressional "leaders" complained that Obama was acting imperially with his Executive Orders and yet now that Trump is doing it they just sit back, smile and giggle, and do nothing.

It is as if they are completely powerless. As Executive power continues to grow, Congress cowers further and further into the corner. The new President is demanding money to build his Wall, he continues to claim that millions of illegal votes were cast, he has obvious conflicts-of-interest that is further enriching him through the exercise of his presidential power, he is talking about bringing back torture, etc. All the while Congressional "leaders" from the GOP smile and just go along. Ridiculous.


matar-alloo said...

What ever happened to "checks and balances?" The only thing that made Trump OK in my mind before the inauguration was that I thought everybody else in politics would keep him in line. But like you said, they're just sitting back and letting him make executive orders for everthing.

Rob said...

I never thought Trump would ever be OK. He may actually be mentally unstable, but the guy has been a cheat, racist, and sexual predator all of his adult life. There is no reason to believe he would be OK. The question is whether the Republican Congress will actually do its Constitutional job and reign in the nut we have in the White House.

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Not to mention that Trump administration is removing multiple senior managers at the State Department without a replacement in place. Some of these are career folks who've served under republican and democrat administrations for years. Plus, Rex Tillerson hasn't gotten the official thumbs up from the Senate. So now, one of the most important US departments is an empty house.

Rob said...

The institutional memory of long-time employees/officials is being lost. Given that Trump is talking with Putin tomorrow and he is gutting the State Department, it certainly looks like something is up with Russia. That may or may not be true, but we will find out at some point.

Considering that Rex is a Putin lover, Trump is gutting State, and he is communicating with Putin, something smells fishy.

It is weird that Trump is making up the idea that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast (there is no such evidence) so that he can launch an investigation, but refuses to accept the fact that Russia's hacking impacted the election (which there is clear evidence of) and won't investigate. This also seems to point to some kind of odd influence by Putin.

As I said, hopefully Congress will do its job.

matar-alloo said...

Maybe there's a broke back mountain thing going on with them. We need Dutch and Rambo!