Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump's Approval Rating

The first week on the job and President Trump's approval rating is at 44.5 percent. Usually a new President enjoys a fairly high rating early in a Presidency, but Trump came to office with historically low numbers. It is likely that the numbers will go down from here as his erratic behavior continues.

Killing TPP which was a boon to China and picking trade fights with Mexico, while cozying up with Russia is likely to make things much worse. The death of TPP and the start of a trade war with Mexico is likely to have a major impact on product and produce prices in America. As the prices at Walmart rise, the Trump base of supporters will realize how foolish it was to elect him and his poll numbers will crater. Look I hope I am wrong, but Trump's utter failure to understand basic national and international economics is stunning. He is going to destroy what is a pretty stable U.S. economy. We'll see.

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