Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump's Twitter Attacks

Trump just does not seem capable of controlling himself. He accused John Brennan, the CIA Director, of leaking the report about the Russian blackmail video that alleges to have compromised Trump. Of course, Mr. Trump offers no proof. He also tweeted out attacks on Congressman John Lewis, saying he was "All Talk" for which he has been widely criticized. Anyone who studies history and looks at what John Lewis did as a civil rights leader in the 1960s and his decades of dedicated and principled public service knows that Trump is showing his ignorance.

At some point, even his Republican supporters will recognize that Trump is unqualified to be President and lacks the judgement to lead this great country. He defends Russia and Putin, while bashing Lewis, Brennan, and NATO. These facts are clear and within months he will lose a significant portion of his Republican support. It will happen.


Robin said...

Didn't John Lewis say George Bush was not a true elected president either? Not taking anything away from him but we've kind of been there done that with Lewis.

Rob said...

Personally, I wouldn't use a legitimacy argument against Trump. He was elected and unless there is actual proof that votes were changed I would not make that argument. That said, it is Trump's thin skin and need to Tweet that is an issue. Especially when he also is wrong about Lewis' record and congressional district.

So he has to Tweet and then he Tweets out false information. This is not what Americans should want from the President.

Robin said...

True but you have to admit his tweeting is effective. He is getting attention and his followers are listening. I can say personally that read things on social media before going to, maybe because I am a millennial.

Rob said...

It is effective in reaching his followers. The problem for Trump is that he is going to be President for all Americans. Getting into spats over relatively minor things will distract him from actually doing his job. They are self-inflicted wounds that are totally unnecessary and only serve to further divide the nation.