Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Barring some crazy scandal about Gorsuch, which does not seem likely, Gorsuch will be the next Supreme Court Justice. Frankly, President Obama and the Democrats were too passive. When Justice Scalia died almost a year ago, the Republicans in the Senate took the unprecedented step of just saying they would not allow any hearing or vote on President Obama's choice - no matter who it would be. After President Obama nominated Merrick Garland - an eminently qualified moderate judge - the Republican Senate just failed to do its job. Obama and the Democrats should have fought and gone to court if necessary to force the Senate to vote. Republicans could have voted no, but at least they would have been on the record. Democrats just sat back and waited. Their inaction allowed the Republican Senate to win without even trying.

Now Gorsuch will be confirmed. He seems fully qualified and should get a vote - just as Garland should have gotten a vote. Dems can try to filibuster all they want, but it is unlikely that they will be able to hold it together and prevent an up-or-down vote. From all that I have read, Gorsuch is conservative, but he seems like he may also be a pragmatist and consensus builder. Certainly, he does not seem like a conservative firebrand. Make no mistake, Roe v. Wade is closer to being overturned than it has been in years. If Kennedy or any of the liberal Justices retire/die it is likely to be overturned. If that happens, then it is because voters allowed it to happen by electing Trump, and Dems did not fight when they could do something about it.

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